Why is My Refrigerator Leaking?

A leaky refrigerator is one of the most common problems experienced with the appliance. When the fridge leaks, it is a problem to pay attention to because it could mean many different things. Some problems may affect the safety of the food in the refrigerator. Others affect the lifetime and quality of the refrigerator.  If you need refrigerator repair queen creek az due to a leak, don’t wait to call the pro.

Why is the Fridge Leaking?

When the refrigerator is leaking, it is a problem that you shouldn’t ignore. Some of the most common causes of refrigerator leaks include:

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·    If the defrost drain is blocked by ice or food particles, water does not properly defrost and will drain into the pan where water build-up occurs.

·    Improperly installed water filter.  This can also occur due to a filter that does not correctly fit your refrigerator. There could be a poor connection between the water supply and the filter causing the leak as well.

·    Drain pan problems are oftentimes the cause of refrigerator leaks. Look for cracks in the drain pan if your unit suddenly begins to leak. If the pan is cracked, simply replace it and the problem is resolved.

Cost to Repair the Fridge

Refrigerator repair costs vary from one job to another. Factors that impact the costs to repair include the time of the year the repair is made, the type of problem with the unit, and the company chosen to make the repair. Request no obligation quotes from three to four companies and compare them with one another to get the best rate for your repair needs. It is far too easy to compare costs of a refrigerator repair than it is too pay more money than necessary for the service.